Avergen Pharmaceuticals

New Aggregation Inhibitor for Huntington Disease

APG has identified a new way of preventing aggregation and seeding of mutated huntingtin. The drug candidate is a small molecule, which may be applied orally.

Recently, we could demonstrate that our lead compound improves significantly motor symptoms in a rodent model of Huntington Disease. 


We presented at BioEurope on November 6-8 2017 at the CityCube in Berlin.


APG has received an EU grant by the PERMIDES initiative to establish an in silico drug discovery platform.


We have currently two drug discovery programs: Huntington's disease and a transcription factor inhibitor for cancer treatment.

The Bavarian Ministry of Economics awarded a grant to decipher the mode of action of our Huntington disease small molecules

EIT Health Germany funds six promising start-ups with innovative solutions for healthcare and disease control

Avergen wins one of the first PERMIDES grants to push boundaries in personalized medicine