The team


We are driven by the vision to bring new treatments on the market for indications for which no effective therapies are available. We want to contribute addressing the very high medical need for neurodegenerative diseases, like Huntington disease or ALS. We envisage that patients profit from our new treatments with reduction of their specific symptoms, increased life expectancy and improved quality of life.


Dr. Simon Marius Galyan

He is the founder of APG. He has received his doctorate in molecular oncology from the University of Munich (LMU) and went to medical school at the University of Wurzburg. Prior to founding APG, he assessed scientific licensing-in opportunities for pharma companies. He has worked in medical affairs at various pharma companies. His academic research focus was in multiple sclerosis in the Cantonal Hospital of Saint Gall and schizophrenia at the University Hospital Basel, Switzerland. He was a principal investigator in several clinical studies. He is a neurologist with a research focus in CNS indications and oncology.

Dr. Eric Culbert

He is consulting Avergen on drug discovery processes. He is currently the CEO of a biotech company in England. He held previously leadership roles in AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge Antibody Technology, and MedImmune Inc. Formerly CEO of Blink Therapeutics Ltd. Expert in project evaluation, preclinical development, translational medicine/biomarkers and target product profiles.

Dr. Sarah Arbe-Barnes

Expert in market access, reimbursement, translational medicine, product approval programs, overseeing clinical and non clinical project design and candidate selection. Previously, she held leadership roles in Covance and a number of European biopharma companies.