Master Thesis or Rotation Project

Avergen Pharmaceuticals

Biomedical Center, Physiological Chemistry AG Ladurner

“Stopping Huntington’s disease with novel medicines”

Cellular profiling of novel, innovative disease modulating compounds


Huntington’s disease is caused by toxic accumulation of the HTT protein. Our novel compounds impact this disease mechanism to provide a curative treatment for this life-threatening disease. In this thesis of rotation, we offer you to participate and shape a project that shines light on the cellular cure to Huntington’s disease.


What will you be working on?

You will perform work on animal tissues and cell cultures to decipher the molecular consequences of small-molecule mediated disease modification.

Cutting-edge academic science within the LMU department of physiological chemistry will be combined with support from Avergen Pharmaceuticals – sharing

deep expertise in drug development and cellular disease modulation.


This project aims to answer:

How do active small molecules impact cellular aspects of Huntington’s disease?

By using powerful tools such as compound treatment, genetics, live-cell imaging and cell-based assays, your project will provide valuable insights into novel and disease-relevant mechanisms, as the basis of your high-ranking publication.


What techniques will you use?

First student:

  • IHC and IF staining of cell cultures
  • Mammalian and rodent cell culture and transfections
  • Drug sensitivity and gene expression assays
  • Fluorescence microscopy


Second student:

  • Working with in silico compound models
  • In silico screening


  • If interested, please contact Marius Yildiz (CEO of Avergen Pharmaceuticals;
  • You can also stop by and visit us in the IZB House 7, 2nd floor.
  • Compensation will be provided