“Targeting Huntington’s disease with novel medicines”

Cellular profiling of innovative disease modulating compounds


Martinsried, Germany, March 5, 2019 — Avergen Pharmaceutical GmbH (APG) and the Biomedical Center’s Physiological Chemistry Department of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich announce today that they are backed by the research program bio- and gene technology from the Bavarian Ministry of Economics. This prestigious grant supports their collaboration to decipher the mode of action of Avergen’s small molecule drugs, which showed promising motor symptom improvements in animal models of Huntington’s disease.




Toxic accumulation of the mutated Huntingtin protein is believed to be the major cause of Huntington’s Disease. Avergen’s compounds uniquely address this disease mechanism by reducing neuronal damage. The grant will support further studies on the mechanism of Avergen’s lead compound on the cellular and animal level. Cutting-edge academic science within the University of Munich (LMU) Department of Physiological Chemistry, headed by Prof. Andreas Ladurner, will be combined with drug discovery skills from Avergen Pharmaceuticals – sharing deep expertise in drug development, cellular disease modulation and mechanism of action. Together, we will decipher the molecular mechanisms of how Avergen’s small molecules ameliorate the symptoms in the R6/2 Huntington’s disease mouse model.




Prof. Ladurner comments: “We are delighted to work together with APG at this forefront of mechanism-based disease modulation. We hope that furthering our molecular understanding of this disease will bring benefit to patients, their families and society.”




“It is an honor to be supported by a grant from the Bavarian Ministry of Economics. This is an excellent opportunity to conduct relevant drug discovery efforts that have the potential to become an effective therapy for Huntington’s disease patients!” Dr. Marius Yildiz, APG's CEO rejoices.




This project aims to answer: How do active small molecules impact cellular aspects of Huntington’s disease? By using powerful tools such as compound treatment, genetics, live-cell imaging and cell-based assays, this project will provide valuable insights into novel and disease-relevant mechanisms in Huntington’s disease.




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